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I used to never leave the house without makeup. In fact, even if I wasn't going anywhere, you'd find me with makeup on my face most days. I was insecure, lacked confidence, and always felt like I had to look the part wherever I went. My kids got in-home ABA therapy for almost 3 years, and we had multiple people in our home on a daily basis. I put makeup on EVER SINGLE DAY. I still put makeup on even if only one therapist was working that particular day. This was me up until about six months ago and I've come a long way since then.  

I still love makeup and all things girly - you can't take the fun out of getting all prettied up! But makeup and the need for it it has been put in it's proper place. Did you know God made you beautiful just the way you are?! Plus, as a mama, do we really have time to throw on a full face every single day?! Ha! Please! It's a struggle to even get a shower in some days, let's be real!

BUT, when I do want to do up my face, this is what I turn to - and let me tell you, I'm over the moon excited that my makeup is now TOXIN-FREE! I mean, look how gorg it all looks ... AND it's free of eeerrrrrrything. The foundation goes on light, but is buildable for those days when our hormones get the best of us and we need a little extra coverage. It's accentuates your natural beauty, the colors mimic some of the trendiest name brands, and the lipglosses - gaaahh!!! If you want a splash of peppermint and a little tingle, get you some. Stat!  But, my favorite product?! The beautiful eye shadows! They go on so smooth, and some of them have such a pretty shimmer!  

The Savvy Minerals line is all mineral based and it's so EASY to use. I went to a friends house to play with all the new makeup several months back and I was able to find replacements for every makeup product I owned. I quickly fell in love with all of it, especially the makeup brushes - they are like getting kisses from an angel, so so soft! You have to get yourself some of those! While testing out the makeup, I realized very fast that all of the makeup was very forgiving and most people can use almost every color. However, there are some tips for color matching if you're nervous to pick. Just Contact me to learn more. I'll be happy to help you find your perfect shade. Whether you wear makeup every day or just on special occasions, you'll want to invest in this! I know that I'm happy that I made the switch! 

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